Zayha’s Blog
11 Months old!    
A visit from LaNita and Djinia, CJ Fest, playtime, NORWAC.
Alicia, Zayha, LaNita, and Djinia
Got yer nose!
ZIP & Djinia do the recycling
Which hand is it in?
Scraff plays “hide the egg” with Zayha
Faye and Ella give Z a blanket & a bottle
Z and Vanessa
Alien Dance
Enjoying the game
Defeated the alien
I love twigs!
Funny face
Ella, Faye, and Zayha
Zayha plays with Dr Dan’s foot
Asher hugs Zayha
Playing with bubbles
What you looking at?
Jamming with Ellie & Cross-eyed Rosie
The girls are smitten
Drumming again!
Laughing on the phone with Nana
I love my mouth full of  lima beans!
Big smiles for Cheeri-Os
Cheerios keep him quiet
Walking and remote-controlling
Pop goes the weasel! No fear of jack-in-the-box.
New toys from Nana & Zaydie
Not quite how it’s supposed to work...
...that’s more like it.
New game he likes to play.
drumming & xylophone with daddy
Zayha and Jen read books at NORWAC