Reaching, Skootching, Smiling, Gurgling
Frog rattle
Pushing up
Hangin’ with Sarah while Mom & Dad eat
On Chelsea’s boat
Mommy’s canoeing!
Can you see the LOVE in her eyes?
Ummm...I’m bigger than I thought I was...
Baby & Kitty
Bath time. So far he hates this tub.
Megan, Mommy, WOW, and ZIP
WOW and ZIP’s first picture together!
Bub-baNana and Pop-Pop
Showing Nana how to play Stand-up Sit-down
Zayha loves his Nana!
Almost...not quite...(I can’t wait until thumbsucking!)
I’m impressed, aren’t you?
0-3 month pants are too small!
Playing in crib
A quiet moment of reflection.
Got it! (see first picture from last week)
First time in swing not crying
Kneeling practice!!!!
Coolest kid at the Hempfest
I was shocked to see him reach up to spin the ball!
Rolled over 4 times that day (not many since)
Pooh hat too small!
Makes my heart pitter-pat.
I used to sleep there too.
Secure on Nana’s shoulder.
Poor Farm Progressive Dinner @ Edgefield
In the outback outfit Ira & Linda gave us.