iChatting, knees, Weston, toes, and bears
iChatting with Bu-banana
Nana and Zaydie talk to Zayha live over computer
On his hands & knees
Linda’s Rasta Dye
Here’s looking at you!
Where’s my bottom lip?
Naked baby time
He’s not pissed off. The hat pushes his brow down.
Bumbo baby
Bumbo baby
ZIP, Alicia, Megan & WOW
Meeting Weston, new best friend
Rock on!
Sleeping in crib on sheepskin in swaddle
Got feet?
Dancing in the round
Reaching for the fish
Looking in mirror
Kat & Zayha play ball
Got Tigger by the ears - & on hands & knees!
Asleep in swing
Smile & Thumb
Teddy Bear
Ted Bear Walking
With Charlie
Smiling at Zephyr
Nekked baby gots his toesies!
Rock on, little Boob Magnet
The Baby Buffet
Chrisi & Elf boy