Brit Shalom, Bath,
and 4 Week Pics
Brit Shalom, Bath, 4 weeks
The Brit Shalom was Zayha’s naming ceremony, in lieu of a circumcision.
Alicia’s parents
Lots of Love
The Ceremony
Drinking Wine
Reading our Part
Yehuda & Mary Lou light the havdala candle
Yehuda Winter
Liz, Ezra, Amelia, and Jay
Mike filming, and Jamie’s Mom
Passing the baby
Nana and Zayda
Uncle Mikie
Gary as Sandak
Chair of Elijah
Check out the flame on the candle
Bearing Witness
Zayda and Zayha
All of Us
The Blessing
Kay and Ray Pollock
Grumpy Little Man
Practice Smile
Alicia’s eyes
Naked Baby
Taking a Nap
Huge Eyes
Daddy at Work
Out Cold