5 months: Trip to East Coast
When Zayha was just shy of 5 months, we took a trip to Philadelphia, Fredericksburg VA, and Atlantic City, NJ.
Nana changing Zayha
After-dinner stupor at Joseph’s house
This kid will sleep anywhere
Zayha meets Cousins Xander and Spencer
Downward-facing dog (yoga)
I wanna hold your hand
Reach out and touch someone
Cousins first playdate
Zayha with Ken Crampton
Zayha, Ken, and Jamie
Grandpa has a nice soft touch patting his back
Fun with Grandma
Nana and Zayha down the shore
Bear on Beach
First time touching ocean
French outfit from Imelissa
They don’t dress like this in America
I look like a poof
Daddy says I can wear this just for this party...
Uncle Robert & Zayha
Alicia and Uncle Bob
Second Cousins Melissa, Rachel, and ZIP
Tricia, ZIP, Joyce, Chloe, and Sam
Joyce and Zayha
Trish & Zayha
Ted & Zayha
Bubby and Zayha
Bubby LOVES Zayha
What joy he brings her
Katz extended family
Katz extended family (all girls plus Dad)
Dancing with Shelley
She can’t believe how advanced he is
Zayha dove on Daddy’s nose mouth-first
Shelley gave him his first cell phone. He loves it!
Avi fascinated Zayha
Swinging between the legs
Lounging during dinner
Hanging out while we eat