Zachary Isayha
7 months and a bit of 8
Zayha spent his 7 month birthday in Florida, where he went to the beach for the first time!
Grin Crib
Trip & Zayha on the changing table
Learning to splash
In the Kiddie Pool
Swimming with Daddy
In the Pool
Drying Off
In the Mirror
Spanish River Park
View from the balcony
Since the kiddie pool was fun, bath is now too!
Nana in kiddie pool
Food pop
First ocean
On the beach with Mommy
First Swing
Making the best of a bad situation
Crash helmet saved his noggin from the tile floors
Zayha and Weston
Playing on changing table
First steps (literally)
Cat Baby Man
Cute Cute Cute
Godzilla vs. Alien
Crash helmet at work
Little bear
Da Boyz
Baby Plush
ZIP Daddy Doodah
Upside down at Jay’s birthday hat party
Baby Family
Upside down at Superbowl (note iPod shirt)
Lovin’ it!