9 months
9 Months!
Zayha loves baths, standing, eating solids, and playing until he drops. He also loves cuddling (read: “Don’t put me down!”), and is cutting teeth this month.
Excited about bath
Bath time!
He looka lika puppy
New walker
Sticking out tongue
How big is Zayha? So big!
On Jamie’s shoulders
In jumper
Kissing the fish
Kissy fish
Sharing with Daddy
I love sweet potatos!
Drinking from cup
Grabbed the spoon himself
Needed some extra fiber in his diet
Teething on mommy
Teething on toy
Goofy 3
Zaza n Dada
Still sucks noses
New play zone
Fell asleep in exersaucer
Asleep with toy in hand
Using stool as walker
iPod baby
Jester baby
Playing with his own Pooh on the changing table