Zayha and I were hanging out on the couch.  Grandmom’s afghan, the blue, white & tan one she made for my Santa Fe house, was draped over the sofa back.  Zayha was entranced by it.
I moved him closer, and he was enrapt. When we were right in front of the back of the couch, I took his hand and stroked the yarn. He goggled, swooped his head to look at me, mouth gaping, goggled back at it.
“Yes, Zayha, those colors you see are Things, actual objects that you can touch!”
Jamie slid his body next to mine on the couch and joined the conversation, “and this thing right here is your Mommy!” Jamie took Zayha’s fist and touched my nose.
Pppppfffffftttt! In that instant Zayha pooped! Boy, apparently this “thing” called mommy surprised the shit out of him!
“Phat baby.
Baby’s pimpin’!
Don’t be wimpering
When you’re pimpin’!”
~Big Mama Ali
Friday, July 28, 2006
Learning about “Things”