Now that Zayha’s 6 months old, it’s time for solid food!
It was really important to Jamie that Zayha’s first food not be from a jar. So we cooked up an acorn squash, mooshed it up, figured out how the high chair worked, and broke out a spoon...
He opened wide, and....swallowed it! Not too exciting, really...no spitting out, no smiling, no grimaces...
...just another open mouth like a birdie, and another, and another...
Jamie also introduced him to drinking water out of a cup - his first water, his first cup.
That first day he took 4 bites. We gave him more the next day, another 4 bites before he turned his head away. On the second day we also gave him a sippy cup so that he could learn to drink independently (not that he can do that yet).
We decided to give him one food for several days in a row so that his digestive system could build the enzymes effectively. He did get a rash on his face after the first serving of acorn squash, and a week later his cheeks are still chapped.
On the third day, we cooked up a summer squash.  As it cooled, Zayha and I stood over the stove as it cooled, taking turns eating bites.  He ate a lot that way!
After that came sweet peas (out of a jar); a week later, bananas!
We were hoping that the solid food would help him sleep through the night better, but it seems the opposite is happening - since he’s learning to digest, the new sensations and gas (and maybe pain?) have him waking up additionally at 11pm...
Organic veggies - yum!
Monday, December 11, 2006
First Solid Food, Water, and Sippy Cup