Today Zayha took his first plane ride!
We’re in Philadelphia for the Mind Body Spirit Expo, my biggest show of the year. I travel so far for it because I grew up there, and we can stay with my parents & see my Bubby (grandmother).
Of course, Zayha was an angel. I rushed onto the plane to score the bulkhead seats for extra floorspace. He nursed during takeoff and landing to help his ears pop. We brought the sheepskin from his crib and put it on the floor at our feet so that ZIP had a place to play.
So, he sat on our laps most of the time, laid on the floor some of the time, and gave us quite a few diapers to change to kill the time.
He didn’t cry at all!
On this ride he did the first two, but not the third!
Wednesday, October 25, 2006
Planes, Fleece, and Automobiles: Philadelphia