Tonight was the listening party for Big Island Shindig’s second album, High Five.
We all went to Day Music for the event.   Yes, he wore earplugs!
I was excited that Sam and Megan showed up with Weston Owen Wisnand, just a few weeks old. Zayha had “met” WOW while still in utero, but this time he got to meet the baby face-to-face. He was intrigued by the crying, but honestly he didn’t get overly excited. :-)
Heather held Zayha until he fell asleep.  She’s such a good babysitter!
When it was time to go to sleep, I laid down the sheepskin on the floor to make Zayha his own little bed. He fell asleep watching the light show on the ceiling.
Baby Buffet!
The best friends meet for the first time!
Thursday, October 12, 2006