We went to Boca Raton, Florida for 2 weeks over New Year’s Eve.
Zayha got to go the beach several times! He and I took a few walks alone. At one point I let him crawl in the sand, which was adorable until he slipped and got a face full of sand. Fortunately he was wearing his sunglasses! I nursed him so that I could wipe the sand off his eyes, nose, and mouth without him freaking.
He learned to splash around in the kiddie pool, and loved it. It made me realize that bathtime no longer had to be torture - he could just splash around in the tub instead of trying to lay him on his back screaming.
The apartment Mom & Dad were renting had tile & stone floors. As soon as I saw them my heart sank - Zayha was standing & falling all day long; how would we keep him from cracking his skull? Fortunately, the day before we left I’d noticed a padded helmet in the One Step Ahead catalog. We ordered it overnight, and it saved his butt (well, his head). He looked like a goober, but it made a huge difference!
We took long walks in Spanish River Park with Bubba-Nana where Zayha sat in a swing for his first time, and visited Butterfly World where we watched butterflies hatch from their cocoons, and did butterfly identification.
Jamie and I went to the casino a few times. Jamie placed in a few tourneys, and won $1500 in a slot machine! I came in 2nd in one tourney, but broke even overall. We did manage to save a few $100 for Zayha’s educational fund!
The trip wasn’t all peachy, though. Jamie’s back went out, and he had to stay in bed for days, see a chiropractor, and couldn’t fly home! We had to stay a few extra days after my parents left while he healed up. A month later, he’s finally better.
Zayha sets foot in the ocean for the first time.
More pics under 7-8m!
Sunday, January 14, 2007
Trip to Florida