Gas, gas, gas. New babies don’t know how to digest. Their little stomachs have never had food before!
So when my little Zayha spent 45 minutes eating, 2 hours crying, and 30 seconds puking rivers of milk (several times a day), it all made sense...
In order to eat, we need digestive enzymes. A baby has none. So when I’d nurse him, it took those first few days for his stomach to learn how to absorb the milk & nutrients in it.
Until then, he’d cry from gas bubbles, and spit up burp after burp of everything he’d just eaten. Rivers and rivers and rivers of liquid running down his front...
A few weeks later, I’ve learned not to feed him quite so much at one time. He’s learned that burping quickly feels better than having daddy accordion his little body for ten minutes. And finally the flood of liquid has slowed to a thick goopy blurp.
Now I want to know if I can start drinking coffee & eating tofu again!
Love the built-in camera on my computer - I can take fast shots while just sitting here!
What a great cryer!
Friday, June 30, 2006
Cry me a Milk River