We’ve been trying to decide if Zayha’s a puppy. His nose is always wet. He barks in his sleep. He gets around on all fours. He rolls over. He likes to lick your face.
But today we began to wonder if he’s Godzilla. For some reason he spent all day growling!
5 1/2 Months: Developmental Milestones
He’s a tall, skinny baby. He’s got thighs like a speed skater.
Now Zayha can:
•Crawl around the room (still mostly a skootch, but he gets around)
•Pet the cats!!!! He reaches out when they walk by, and strokes them when they sit on our laps.
•Turn at the sound of our voices and smiles when he sees us
•Tuck himself in. We don’t need to rock him to sleep anymore!
•We also stopped swaddling him in Philadelphia - he kept kicking out of it. But it was a godsend for 5 months!
•Ride in the car without crying
•Manipulate and turn toys to look at at their faces
•Babble, blow raspberries
•Flip the pages of books
•Giggle when you zerbert his belly
•Wear 6-9 month clothes
Lounging in the bouncy seat on the dining room table while we eat.
Monday, November 20, 2006
Is he a Puppy?