Today Zayha is now able to find us and look at us! He’s spent a few minutes looking me straight in the eye, while nursing, during morning playtime, and in the car. Three times now!
It’s an amazing feeling to look into the eyes of my son, and to have him look at me so deeply. This morning, we were really playing together for the first time!
The best/worst eye contact moment was in the car.  Usually he goes to sleep while we ride, but today he screamed like a Sleestak (well, that’s the expression we use, but the Sleestak only every hissed).
It was “worst” because this time he stared me straight in the eye while he screamed. I could see him thinking, “Pick me up! Hold me! Why aren’t you holding me? Why aren’t you picking me up?! Mommy!!” His tear-filled blue eyes glared intently into mine, confused and angry. This went on for 20 minutes...
If I was in the front seat, he wouldn’t have seen me. The intensity of being strapped into his car seat and helpless wouldn’t have been so overwhelming. I even moved his shade cover between our view so that he’d “forget” I was there, but it didn’t help.
As soon as the car stopped in the driveway, I held him to my chest and he fell asleep immediately, taking comfort in my arms.
Wednesday, August 2, 2006 - See pics
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