Zayha’s Blog
This past weekend, we went to Seattle for NORWAC, an astrology conference.  For the first time, we stayed in the hotel instead of with Jake or Andy (although we got to go to Jake & Anne’s for dinner on Friday). It was just easier having the boo with us.
Of course, the baby captivated many of the attendees.  Lillian took a bunch of great pics of him, including this one.
Anyhow, on Monday when we got home, Jay & Liz invited us over for a Memorial Day barbecue.  At one point, Zayha crawled over to me.  I picked him up and he settled down on my shoulder, looking out into the distance.
I heard this little voice make just one sound:
It was the first time he’d used the syllable in the right context!!
The next night, Zayha appeared in the kitchen doorway and when he saw me he exclaimed, “mam!”
But he hasn’t repeated that since...he says mamamamam all the time. These were just the only two instances when it was the right sound at the right moment.
But still, HE CALLED ME MOM!
Monday, May 28, 2007