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Zayha is growing so quickly! Literally...
Last month when we went to the naturopath, she determined that we weren’t feeding him enough - he hadn’t gained any weight between 8 & 10 months.  So, we started giving him Oatie-Os (oat-only cheerios), rice cakes, and an extra meal every day.  He’s put on a pound in a month!
She thought that perhaps he was having trouble sleeping through the night was because he was hungry. And, now that he’s getting more food and milk, he’s only waking up once at 5:30 am.  Daddy’s been getting up with him, since I did for so long, and giving him a full 8-oz bottle.  I don’t have that much in me, and the full bottle is doing the trick - he’ll go back to sleep until 7:30 or so. At that point, Jamie and I switch off with who gets up with him. And even better, he goes back to sleep around 11am for 3 hours.
Zayha is also walking now.  He can get most of the way across the room before he drops to his knees and crawls.  If he wants speed, he still crawls, but if he’s not thinking about it, he just toddles away.
New foods: asparagus, blackberries, lima beans.  He likes lima beans!! I’m glad we started his food with vegetables - he’s had more green veggies than fruit!
My favorite development is that he’s turning out to be a drummer.  We were at a potluck for Andre Ripas’s half-birthday, and when Steve Bennett and Rob began playing guitar, Zayha stood right in front of them, staring up.  Someone handed him an egg shaker, and he started shaking it - he was right on beat!  Daddy walked in the room to see him jamming away, laughing and bopping. See the pics under 10m.
He loves banging away on our djembe & dumbek.  My mom bought him a little electronic drum that blinks when he bangs it. I bought a few egg shakers from Day Music. And we found a xylophone with both keys to pound and sticks to bang. He squeals along to sing sometimes too.
Last but not least, Zayha can climb up the steps with ease, and has been caught coming down once or twice.
Zayha is now walking across the room, eating a ton, and almost sleeping through the night.
Sunday, May 6, 2007
Catching up