Last night when I came home from my poker game, jMe and Zayha were in his room changing his diaper. When jMe picked the baby up and put him over his shoulder, Zayha saw me...he saw me! And he smiled!
At ME!
AND, it was one of his very first not in-the-morning-on-the-changing-table smiles!
Even better, it was the first sign of new he started looking around the room. He noticed space. He noticed people.
I think his eyes came into focus, connected to his brain, registered.
He’s not quite sure what to think of it all.  Half the time he still sticks his bottom lip out and yowls, “Mmmwwaaahhhhhh!” for no reason at all (unless it’s gas bubbles).
But the other half of the time he’s now watching his flailing fist hit the bell, or the critters on the mobile swing by, or Mommy/Daddy across the room.
I saw the corner of his lip twitch once or twice... :-)
In other news, we can get him to sleep in his crib if he’s wrapped in a swaddle cloth propped on his side. We don’t have to wear him while he sleeps every time anymore!
In the picture below, the tie dye hat on his head is a actually the shirt he wore home from the Alma Midwifery Center!
I swear I saw him focus a flailing arm toward those dangling toys...
my imagination?
Wednesday, August 16, 2006
He Saw Me and Smiled