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Yesterday was Zayha’s first birthday. I’m so proud of and impressed by my little guy.  He’s sweet, adventurous, fearless.  He eats every food we put in front of him. He walks with ease, goes up and down steps by himself.  He loves books and baths. He’s a natural drummer.
For his birthday, we bought him a playhouse.  Well, technically, I won it in a poker game. Last Sunday I qualified for the monthly tournament for my poker league, and I WON! I won $300, the exact amount of the playhouse! We’ll put it together in time for Zayha’s birthday BBQ on Sunday.
For dinner we went to Amalfi’s, and Zayha had his first pasta and spaghetti.  He LOVED it!
Today we went to the Rose Festival.  Zayha had fun watching the Handsome Devils juggling group. For the first time, he walked WITH us.  He was sick of his stroller, and he’s getting heavy. So, we let him walk independently, and for much of the time he walked right next to us. We discovered that he likes holding onto the stroller and walking as well.  Occasionally he’d veer off into one of the booths or in a different direction on the path...and we veered with him, deciding we didn’t really have a destination anyway!
His other new behavior is DANCING! At bedtime he started pressing the buttons on his crib music box, and bouncing up and down, laughing up at me. Tonight in the living room he started spinning in circles - neither of us had seen him do that before. So Jamie started singing, and Zayha started bouncing up and down again. Just in time for festival season!
Hasn’t quite grasped the point of the toy yet...
Friday, June 8, 2007
Zayha turns 1!