Zayha is a Gemini. I’m hoping he’ll be intellectually curious like his mother, and a communicator like his father.
On his fourth day, we had a special moment when I got to see him actually learn, to make a connection between his senses and figure something out.
He was cuddled up with me tummy-to-tummy. My milk had come in that morning, and I had tits out to here like torpedos. He was rooting, trying to find my breast.
His eyes were open, and for a moment his gaze focused on the Magic Milk Mountain in front of him.
My nipple, which had an anticipatory drop of milk on it, grazed his mouth. He licked at his lips, looked at the Mountain in front of him.
His eyes sparked; I saw him think, “Oh!” and then “Yum!”
He rooted closer...and when he latched, his eyes closed and I swore his sweet little lip twitched with satisfaction.
Zayha took to breastfeeding immediately, even while we were still in the birthing tub.
Like father, like son! :-)
Tuesday, June 13, 2006
Magic Milk Mountain