I-say-ha (Zayha)
Jamie and I decided to try our “hands” at a couple poker tournaments in Atlantic City.
My parents have a gorgeous condo on the sub-penthouse level right on the beach. So we have a place to stay, just 1 mile from the casinos. And Nana and Zaydie are, of course, awesome babysitters.
Jamie and I started at the cash tables at Caesar’s Palace. We were both up about $20 when it was time to enter our tournament. There were 41 entrants, with the prize pool split from the entry money.
Since I’ve only played with friends and in my league, I expected I’d be the Fish at the table. But to my surprise, I was the tall stack for most of the game!
Jamie went out fairly early - he tilted a little when I got moved to his table (I myself quickly realized that I had to ignore him completely if I wanted to keep playing, and consciously focused only on my cards). He decided to go to another casino tourney with a $10,000 first place - he got taken out in 35th out of over 100 people by QUAD ACES AAAA!!! Sucks, but if you’ve gotta go, that’s the hand to lose to.
I myself had good luck right when I needed it, and came in SECOND PLACE! I won $852.64! After tipping the dealer, deducting my entry, and paying taxes, it amounts to about a $650 profit.
So of course now I’ve got the Pro Poker bug.  I want to take a week and go to AC to enter as many tournaments as possible. Even if I win just a couple, I’m curious to know whether I’d make more $ doing that than teaching??!!
The ocean feeds my soul. I miss spending summers in Atlantic City.
I look forward to bringing Zayha to the beach I grew up on regularly.
Friday, November 3, 2006
Atlantic City, NJ