Zayha celebrated his 4-month birthday on Saturday. Check out the pics in 15-17 above for the photos that go with these little stories!
It still amazes me how every day he changes. When he’s asleep on my lap in the evening, I look down and see a very small little boy.
As you can see above, he’s discovered thumbsucking, though he’s not very good at it yet. The fist flails around, and usually most of his fingers get gnawed. But he’ll master it and intentionally be able to suck & soothe.
He’s beginning to move, too. He rolls over from back to front pretty easily. Once there, if he sees a toy a foot away, he can skootch to it - complaining loudly because of the effort the whole time. The bittersweet sounds of frustrated success. And I’ve seen him get up on his hands and knees twice!
He’s laughing more frequently. Our Stand-up Sit-down game has expanded into the Incredible Flying Overhead Boy: While he’s standing on me, I’ll lean him forward and sail him up above my head in the air. He laughs and squeals. If we’re playing in the very early morning (so that I can tire him out and get him back to sleep), he usually looks over at Daddy and is disappointed that he’s still sleeping. Of course I try not to wake Jamie; at least one of us should get some rest.  Unfortunately, Zayha’s not sleeping through the night, so I’m pretty much working 18/7 on sleep deprivation. Hug me when you see me!
Zayha’s becoming more chunky, more solid. His bones are filling in and the fat is piling on. It amazes me that every single little cell in his body is made up of me. Half of his 16.5 lbs came from my breast milk!! As much as he throws up and poops, it’s amazing to me that my Magic Milk Mountains actually are growing (feeding) a real live baby boy.
His eyes are beginning to turn brown, starting around the pupil.
He has a new face he’s making, where he sucks in his lower lip and juts out his chin.
Wandering Star had a booth at the Body Mind Spirit Expo last weekend, and Zayha came along for most of the show. We set up a playpen in the booth, and he was content to be there much of the time.
One of my students from Heald gave us a play center, where the baby sits in the harness in the middle and can spin around to different activities. We brought it upstairs to Jamie’s office. Since Zayha hates to sit and gets bored laying down, this has been perfect for him - he can sit/stand upright and play. When we first put him in it, his feet dangled, but a week later his toes touch the base! He can whap at some of the buttons and gadgets, and loves it already, even though he’s too young for some of the toys. I hope it keeps him occupied for the next year so that we can get some work done!
Whenever Zayha’s playing on the floor, Q (the 4-legged cat) is always right by him. He likes to pounce on the shadows Z’s toys make on the ground. I like to think he’s watching over the baby & making sure he’s safe. Both Q and Trip (the 3-legged cat) are getting used to him, and are coming up to Jamie & me for lovins again, although they continue to pester the guests into cuddling up their little love-starved fuzzy black selves.
Zayha and I went to Fred Meyer today, his first time shopping since he was a few weeks old. He started in the shopping cart child seat, and I was thrilled that he lasted for about 15 minutes in it. After that he rode in the Bjorn facing out, looking around at everything...and charming the other customers. The woman in line in front of me was enchanted with his smile! He fell asleep on the ride home.
Mommy and Daddy are doing better. As Ducky says, “Less stress, more joy!” I’m enjoying teaching at MacPac, and hope the work expands into more classes. Need a Macintosh computer? Call me!  We’ve also been working with Guildworks to help Marc with his business, organizing and solidifying his contracts and back end so that he can focus on his art. Jamie’s taking a Strategic Planning MBA class and really enjoying it.  We’re also going to an InvesTools user group to learn more about Stock Option Investing. Each of us gets out to play poker at least once a week, me at league and Jamie at the casino (my game went to hell after ZIP was born).
We’re busy (too busy) but it’s productive and moving us forward towards our goals. I feel better than I did when we were sleeping until noon, and I’m more secure now that we’re back to work and money is flowing in again.
I’d like to publicly re-declare my love for Jamie, who does the dishes, spends time with his son, listens to my concerns, and continues to grow into the best man he can be. I appreciate everything you’re doing, my darling!
He found his thumb!
He still chews his fist, and can’t keep his hand in his mouth for more than a minute, but
he’s chewing his thumb and smiling as he does it.
He’s proud of himself, too!
Saturday, October 7, 2006
4 Months Old and Turning into a Very Small Child