Warning! This post contains graphic pooping. Read only if you’re willing...
After he started eating solid food, it took a few days for his poops to follow suit.  It took 3 days for the first one. Then, after another 3 days, there was still nothing...
By this afternoon, Zayha was playing in my office when he began to cry uncontrolledly. I realized his constipation was getting painful, so I rolled him on his back and started bicycling his legs.  He looked into my eyes beseechingly, “Mommy, it HURTS! Help Me!!” I continued to bend and twist his legs, and he farted!
So, I decided to put my ancient massage school wisdom to work. I brought him upstairs and laid him on the changing table. I massaged his abdomen clockwise, around and around. It was hard as a rock. As I circled, I’d  knead and squeeze, pushing down towards his rectum.
Zayha screamed! And, a long poop started emerging. I kept it up, Zayha screamed again, and #2 number two squeezed out.  We did this for about a half hour, and by the fifth one he was empty!
After that, we haven’t had any constipation problems. But, he’s breaking out in dry skin and rashes, so I can see he’s still learning to process nutrition.
One of the things I dreaded about being a mom was diapers.
Turns out solid poops are easier than milky ones!
Wednesday, December 20, 2006
The Poop, The Whole Poop, and Nothing But the Poop