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He loves opening and shutting doors & cabinets. Clearing everything out of the cabinets. Climbing in the laundry basket and throwing the clothes everywhere.
He keeps shutting himself into the hallway. I come up to the door and play “Knock knock - Who’s there? - I Say - I say who? - I say HA!” (I say all the parts since he can’t talk yet). Only then do I open the door for him.
He likes to stand in front of the TV & watch Sesame Street. He also likes some of the Baby Einstein videos. They’re good for early morning when we’re too drowsy to play at 8am.
We’ve gone back to one-food-at-a-time, and his eczema is completely gone. We’re steaming organic vegetables and bought a little hand grinder, so we’re making his baby food. I’m doing all the veggies before the fruits so that he’ll eat veggies later. Cauliflower, peas, carrots all went over well. Broccoli was NOT his favorite - he’d eat it, but he’d spit out every few bites. He LOVES sweet potatoes - check out the gaping birdie mouth photos in the 9m gallery.
Books seem to be his favorite toys! If there’s one on the floor, he will sit and flip through it.
His second tooth is beginning to come in.
He’s beginning to laugh more, and find things funny. He’s such a serious baby, so I like making him giggle by nibbling his feet & tummy.  Jamie likes to “give him a poke in the ribs” (you have to be there).
Getting a little fiber in his diet...
Wednesday, March 21, 2007
9 Months and Growing