6 Weeks...42 days (“HA” = 42)...This has been a huge week in Zayha’s development! He’s not a newborn anymore, either in appearance or demeanor.
Last weekend, we managed a New Monsoon concert. Zayha and I were backstage at the picnic table changing his diaper. He was on his tummy, getting some “naked baby time,” looking out into the trees. I snuck around to the other side of the table, and slid into his line of sight. He started with a jerk, recognized me, and while he didn’t exactly smile, he looked vaguely happy. He started wriggling, as if he wanted to move towards me.
Zayha spent the entire weekend in a Baby Bjorn while we worked. He slept most of the time, and was really goodnatured. That was a relief, since I had a volunteer staff to manage, and Jamie was in charge of the ambience. I was able to run a great crew, AND be a good mom!
What was interesting was that when we came home, Zayha no longer looked like a newborn. He grew a lot, put on a lot of weight.  He looks like a baby now!
Not only does he look like a real baby, but he’s beginning to act like one.
1) Last week he was getting “smile practice”. When falling asleep or waking up, his little lip would twitch into a smile - remember, it takes hundreds of muscles to smile, and only a couple dozen to frown.
He wasn’t yet smiling, but for the first time he looked content when awake, instead of grumpy. He’s finally trusting his mommy, daddy, and home!
Two days ago, he smiled at me while on the changing table, and he did it again tonight. Yesterday I saw him smile at daddy too.
Even better, he’s beginning to spend quiet time looking around without freaking out. He’s spending a half-hour at a time laying under the play structure staring out the window.
2) He’s also beginning to track with his eyes, just a little. I’ve been playing with a froggy rattle in his line of sight, and he’s noticed it once or twice. Tonight I took the picture above, shaking the rattle to get his attention - it worked better than I expected, and I love this picture!
3) Also new is that his perpetual crying has changed. It’s no longer a universal upset baby cry. He now has a new emotion: MAD! Sometimes his cries now have a distinctly pissed off sound.  He says, “Wa!” with a short loud burst, then makes the grumpy old man look. It’s cute! And much easier to deal with than the generic ongoing wail he had before.
New this week:
Getting mad
Friday, July 21, 2006
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