Today my parents threw an Open House so that all our family and friends could meet Zayha.
My Uncle Harmon, Cousins Sherri, Melissa, and Rachel came in from NJ, and my cousin Doug flew his wife and 3 kids in from New Hampshire just for the party!  Doug, if you’re reading this, you stole my heart with that one!
Susie Amsterdam, my best friend in 2nd grade, was there. Marcia Honigman Diamond brought her family.  Caci Grinspan was in from Telluride CO to my surprise.  I haven’t seen Bob & Carol Summers in years (Zayha couldn’t take his eyes off Bob).  And dozens of mom’s friends, who have watched me grow up, were all there too.
As the Mom, of course I think my baby is super-cute and special. But many of my mom’s friends have been grandparents several times over, and all of them said that Zayha is special, different.  Shelley Eisenberg kept exclaiming, “I’ve never seen a baby like this before!!”
I can’t wait to find out what they mean! :-)
After the party, I noticed that Zayha was listening to conversations differently - I think he realized today that the noises we make are words and communication!
Sarah with Julia, Melissa, Sherri, Nana, Zaydie, Aunt Nancy with Zayha, Emily, Rebecca, Rachel, Bubby, and me.
Katzes have girls. Pollocks have boys!
Sunday, November 5, 2006
Zayha’s Party