We drove down to Virginia to see Jamie’s parents and brother’s family.  
Zayha slept the first two hours of the trip, but when he woke up we experienced new levels of freakout! We were on the highway with 45 minutes to go, and no way of comforting him. He cried, yelled,...then started this high-pitched bone-piercing shriek. When we reached Fredericksburg, he calmed down quickly, but he never forgot that new scream.   We’ve been regaled with it regularly since.
We got to introduce Zayha to Ken Crampton of Eyeclops Studios, and old friend of Jamie’s.  Ken’s the guy who drew Keller Williams’s Laugh cover and all his posters with one eye (“eyeclops studios”, and Keller lives in F-burg).
The best part was introducing him to Andy & Marianna’s kids, Xander and Spencer. Spence is 3 months older than ZIP, and looks like he’s twice as big. He can sit up, which Zayha can’t, but Zayha’s beginning to crawl while Spence just kind of swims his arms & legs.  They had a great time playing (check out the 5m pictures), and I was thrilled when Marianna showed up the next day for more.
Grandpa had the most gentle touch...pat pat pat...that soothed the baby during dinner.
Grandma couldn’t believe how strong he was!
Wednesday, November 1, 2006
Fredericksburg, VA