Last weekend, Jamie and I took Zayha to the String Cheese Incident shows in Eugene, OR. The Visitors crew rented out the entire Downtown Motel and transformed it into the Mars Hotel.  
Jamie and I earned our passes to the show by working for Guildworks doing the kites. We helped Mark & Larry make the Gratitude Grass during the week before the show. We took our time getting out there on Friday, and skipped Friday’s show. On Saturday morning we helped Guildworks set up the blinky lights in the garden and string the jellyfish kites onto bamboo poles.
Saturday night, the afterparty was in our room (and the rest of the motel, but we did have a constant flow). Zayha stayed passed out on the bed all night long, through all the noise and laughter. When he did rustle, I could just feed him back into his stupor.
On Sunday during 2nd set, Peak did a Kite Parade. If Zayha was in a good mood, I’d planned to wear him in the Bjorn while I flew my kite. I was supposed to fly a Jellyfish Kite near the center of the crowd, but I switched with Jamie so that if Zayha had a meltdown, I could just put down my kite and help him.
He’d been asleep all day...and wouldn’t you know it, but just when we were about to go on, he started stirring. I danced my way to my zone. I looked down, and ...he was crying.  Shit. I put his binky in his mouth, looked into the sky and flew my kite, dancing and spinning my hips in the figure-8 he loves so much. When I looked down again, he was looking up, spacing out into the sky. On next glance, he was asleep. Next glance...crying a little...for the rest of the song he varied between these 3 states of being. Mostly sleeping though!
The endearing part was that Michelle McD came down to check on us...then Keesha stopped to check on Zayha...then Michelle B too!  She even helped me untangle my tentacles (I should have had her do that repeatedly - someone taped the kite to the top of the bamboo and it kept tangling).  I love my friends - it helped to know I could hand the kite to someone else or hand off the baby if I needed to.  Fortunately, he was chill and...
Zayha flew a kite in his first SCI/Peak Parade!
Diaper changes happen whereever ya are!
This is on the lawn at the Cheese shows as the sun when down.
Like father,
like son.
Sunday, August 13, 2006
Flying a Jellyfish!