This week his development has been subtle but significant.
He’s beginning to get control of his arms. It’s wonderful for us - twice he’s been able to suck his arm, holding it in his mouth with his other hand (see above).  
This new level of self-soothing means we can now put him down in his crib for 30 minutes at a time to play!
He’s also sleeping longer in his crib - I don’t have to carry him around all day and night anymore.
My favorite development, though, is that he’s smiling several times a day at Jamie and I, when we come in the room, or while we play! It’s those little smiles that make his fusses worthwhile...
Oh, and today he really started tracking.  Early this morning, while we did our morning exercises in bed (“standup-sitdown”), he turned and noticed that Daddy was next to us, asleep.  He hadn’t really noted that before.
And even better, today he turned his head while watching the cat cross the room! I hadn’t seen him watch like that before.
He’s beginning to get control of his arms - sucking on his hands, batting at hanging toys!
Sunday, August 27, 2006